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Growth-X offers the best LinkedIn Automation product, along with top-notch customer success service.


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Why Us

There are 20+ so called “competitors” in our market (and for a fraction of our cost), that offer some kind of
basic “Linkedin Automation”.  Yet over and over again great companies choose  to work with us. Here is why:

LinkedIn Automation
  • Growth-X is not just about linkedIn automation. It's about getting you meetings arriving to your inbox
  • Growth-X is the safest solution out there (it's not a chrome extension, and it's not a full cloud service)
  • Our customer success service is priceless and is a critical ingredient to our customers' success
  • Our experience includes growing a product from 0 to 150M users in 5 years
  • We have experience in psychology, user behavior, content, micro-copy, etc. This experience plays a critical factor in our service

You are not Alone!

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Our Clients Love Us


WeWorkProduct on Twitter: "Thoroughly enjoying all the things @WeWork's  design team does.… "“Working with Growth-X has been a game changer for WeWork's lead generation efforts! The high conversion rates, the work hours it saves, and the super personal and professional treatment from the Growth-X team have all made it the most effective channel for us to generate new members!”

Maya Jane, Account Executive, WeWork


App Orchid Hyderabad Office | Glassdoor“The quality of the connections, the number of follow-ups, the actual resulting meetings and the business has made this expense worth every penny. Our SDRs and I have been so taken by    Growth-X that I have been marketing them to my friends who are in sales. Could not recommend them enough to anyone in sales.”

Dan Goldenblatt, VP Business Development Apporchid


SWIFT MOMENTUM (@Swift_Momentum) | Twitter“It’s a complete game-changer, it’s the future and it’s the only way we cover the basics and cover them incredibly well. It's been incredible working with the Growth-X team! They're always available, their in-depth knowledge of Linkedin and content generating positive results is phenomenal!  Incredible for lead generation and customer engagement!”

David Sarembock, CEO, Swiftmomentum


0x0“Working with Growth-X team has been fantastic! It is the perfect automation system to find the most qualified leads through linkedIn. The team is really supportive, helpful, dedicated and is always here to help you scale and grow. I can’t recommend the Growth-X solution more!”

Zeeshan Malick, Founder CEO, Youyaa


“We are getting our name into the market in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without Growth-X. Thank you to the team for assisting us to get to the next level from a marketing and sourcing perspective. I think it is a vital tool for businesses that are trying to reach more people in a time-efficient way.” 

Bev Sollinger, Director, DATAFIN


CurrencyTransfer“Growth-X has been proven to bring in leads at a low cost in comparison to other channels. It's also a very cost effective way of testing new markets, territories in an experimental and scalable way. We see Growth-X as being a valuable backbone of our newly created SDR function.”

Daniel Abrahams, CEO, CurrencyTransfer